Coming Out Of Hibernation

Greetings! Been a little bit since we posted here, but that's not for a lack of activity. In fact, we've only gotten significantly busier since our unofficial "relaunch" with the Tiny Desk video in January. And because I (Nick) am totally a lists guy, here's a neatly-organized list of things that we've been up to and things to expect from us soon!

1. Meadowhawks Trio "Debut" For Earth Hour & Danny Clinch's Transparent Gallery

Since the beginning of this year, the focus for the band has been learning how to function and move forward as a core of three members rather than as a band of one (Ryan) with assistance from Dan and others when possible. With Dan back in New York and bringing myself into the fold, we've been working hard to develop what Meadowhawks is exactly in this configuration.

We got a couple of great opportunities to test this out live in March over one weekend. First was the 10th Annual Earth Hour, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, in which they asked bands to broadcast hourlong acoustic sets over Facebook Live with no lights or electricity to raise awareness and support for action on climate change. Given both our personal investment in environmental issues and our steadfast determination to both celebrate the natural world and drive action towards protecting it (particularly in the face of what we're currently up against here in the US) with our music, this was a no-brainer for us. So we returned once again to the Audubon Center in Greenwich, CT and performed an acoustic trio set of material from the first two EPs as well as a couple of new tracks (more on that later). You can watch that on our Facebook page or in the embed below!

The following day we took our trio act on the road to Asbury Park, NJ to perform a set at the photo exhibition gallery of the legendary music photographer Danny Clinch. Danny's work is legendary and inspiring, so to be able to perform in the middle of all of these great works featuring other great artists was a privilege and pleasure. We recorded another acoustic take on "Almost There" from the first EP, which you can watch on our Youtube channel and down below as well.

2. Two New Singles In The Can

Since that weekend we've been laser-focused on developing and recording two brand new tracks. We trekked to beautiful Boston a couple of weeks ago to essentially live in Soundscape Studios for several days. Given that this was our first recording experience together things went about as smoothly as possible. We had a ton of fun and left there with two songs we are incredibly excited to release out into the world soon. We documented the experience mostly on our Instagram page, shenanigans and all.

3. Coming Up: New Music, New Videos, New Shows!

If this winter into spring has been us starting to stretch our limbs after a period of hibernation, then this coming summer into fall is going to feature us starting to plow ahead full speed. You can expect a lot of great stuff coming your way soon, including those aforementioned two new singles, a bunch of video and photo content to accompany them, and some live shows featuring a full lineup with drums and myself likely filling in more on keys as well as woodwinds and more. If you live in the greater NYC area, expect to get some opportunities to see us out in the wild soon! We'll be playing an awesome mixture of updated old material, the new songs, and probably some even newer songs that we'll be working out for our next big release. In the meantime, the best way to keep tabs on our goings-on is through our Instagram page, where you can see photos of what we're up to and even listen to some teases of new material.

Much more soon!