Thursday / This Isolated Boy out now! Also shows and other things!

Hello, it's Nick here with a long overdue update! When Ryan and Dan approached me at the very tail end of 2016 with an offer to join the two of them as a member of Meadowhawks in a multi-disciplinary and rather open-ended role providing both visual and musical input, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was a little bit skeptical. I was hungry - ravenous, really - to bring music performance back into my life after years of letting it fall by the wayside in favor of my career in video production and life in general. By this point I had been burned too many times by promising signs of forming groups with people only to have them evaporate just as quickly as the ideas came forth. I had known these two guys for the better part of a decade and considered them good friends, but we had also never worked quite as closely together on any musical project like this, and I don't think any of us really knew how well it would all work out.

Clearly that initial skepticism wasn't warranted. As we're looking at 9 months into this newly-formed and focused iteration of Meadowhawks and with the release of our first music in that time, I can say with full certainty and confidence that the sky's the limit with this group, and we're only at the beginning of it. The two songs we just released, 'Thursday' and 'This Isolated Boy' - available for purchase now on our Bandcamp and for streaming on all the major platforms - are a pretty perfect reflection of us as a group as we've become accustomed to playing, writing, and working together. Even though the bones of the two songs were ideas that Ryan has been kicking around for a while since the Wild Suburbia sessions (which was essentially a solo effort from him), they were shaped and came to life through a lot of collaboration, bouncing ideas back and forth, and refining. Both songs are ostensibly about looking back at our 20s and taking some personal inventory, but musically they're very much about looking forward at where we want to take this band. We don't know yet what our next release - likely our first full-length album - will sound like yet, but these two songs will serve as great jumping off points for that, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing and producing them!

In other news, we're playing live shows again! We made our official comeback to the NYC area July 27th at The Paper Box in Brooklyn, and we just had our big blowout single release show this past Saturday at The Map Room at The Bowery Electric. We pulled out all the stops for that one and brought in a couple of friends and fellow horn players - as well as invited our friends in the Philly-based Bree and the Reeds to play a superb set - to make the night truly special.

Next up we're moving on downstairs to the main room at The Bowery Electric to open for the excellent art-pop/rock sister act of The New Tarot on Wednesday, October 11th. Following that we'll be headed up to the highly esteemed Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on Thursday, October 19th to play with the fun and energetic rock of The Alpaca Gnomes. Tickets and event info for both of those shows can be found on our Live Shows page. We're looking to add at least one more show in 2016, possibly another outside of NYC, so make sure to follow us on Facebook to get the latest!

Lastly, in what little spare time we've had we have also been continuing to build our Songs From The Wild video series. Our most recent video took us to the grassy beaches of Stratford Point, CT, which boasts a beautiful coastal nature preserve that is managed by Audubon Connecticut, where we performed a stripped-down take of "Stowaway" off of our first EP. We were lucky enough to time our performance perfectly just as the sun was setting, giving us a gorgeous blue hour as the final light of the day faded. And you can learn more about Stratford Point in our second Profiles From The Wild video below!

We're already in the midst of planning our next Songs From The Wild, which should give us a chance to film in some beautiful fall foliage. Then it'll be time to prepare for winter! Not sure yet how we'll adapt to that yet, but you can be assured we'll be making something very "cool" from it!