With a resounding roar as grand as the Hudson River Valley, Meadowhawks have come to bring Wilderness Rock to all creatures big and small. What is Wilderness Rock you ask? Just picture a landscape as remote as the high peaks of the Catskill Mountains engulfed in a storm of overdriven 12-string guitars, thundering drums and reverberant vocal harmonies.

Ryan MacLean and Dan Vernam planted the seeds for this musical forest by combining their love for catchy indie/garage rock with jazz harmony. The result was their 2014 self-titled EP, featuring four sonically adventurous songs and earning the accolades of numerous critics. Music blog Neat Beet summed up the EP as “A four song offering that bursts with energy.”

Meadowhawks' creative momentum continued with the release of the 'Wild Suburbia' EP in 2016. Recorded in a converted church in Woodstock, NY, the songs on ‘Wild Suburbia’ reflect many troubling subjects on the minds of a generation of 20-somethings, ranging from Student Loan debt (“Social Network Apocalypse”) to a murky environmental future (“Black Horse”).

Now with the addition of videographer/multi-instrumentalist Nick Cusworth, fans can expect not only new music that continues these themes, but new videos that will add a visual element of nature to the Wilderness Rock sound.

The natural world is a constant inspiration to Meadowhawks’ both in the studio and on-stage. One day you can expect a raucous show at a city club followed by a set at a local wildlife refuge the next day. No matter what stage this band of roaming musical rangers may grace, each Meadowhawks show is a new adventure.  We hope you join us out in the wild.